The city famous for it’s gambling, shopping, fine dining, adult entertainment and most of all it’s casino hotels. 
But not everything is as it seems, behind closed doors two siblings are wanting and plotting the ultimate revenge on Theodore Adler. After spending most their lives hiding outside Las Vegas, they returned a few months ago, hiding their true identity by working under the name of Baldwin. They siblings are working for Theodore, trying to find out as much information about the business as possible, as sell as trying to get other employee on their side and bring Theodore down.

Why? You ask, well that there is a very simple question.

Many years ago Theodores farther, George Adler inherited the family business but he was a weak man, and he lacked the skills to be a leader and the business began to fail. Shareholders of the company decided that enough was enough and began to rebel against George and his became powerless to stop them. This was when Theodore decided to take the matter into his own hands, he’s a cruel and twisted man. He wanted to set and example to those that would ever dare question the authoriety of the Adler name. So he viciously and mercilessly killed the rebels, family and children included this would be an example that no one would ever forget. 

But one thing that Theodore didn’t realise was the he left two children from one of the families standing, they survived. And now they’re back, wanting him to pay for all the wrong doings he has ever done. 

The question is who’s side will you choose? Will you remain loyal to the most powerful name is Vegas or will you side with the Baldwins? 

And who will win?

There is only one way to find out. 

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