Welcome to Las Vegas the city that is internationally known for being the city of gambling, shopping and fine dining. The city bills it’s self as the entertainment capitol of the world, and is famous for its consolidated casino-hotels and associated entertainment.   So what happens when people start to rebel? Vegas better be ready for the streets to bleed red.  The Adler family has been the richest and the most powerful in Las Vegas for generations. Their name was known all over the world, everybody wanted to be them,  their influence and wealth has been legendary. They were sitting on their throne for a long time, remaining the top dogs in the city until George Adler inherited Adler Industries and became the boss. He was weak, lacking leadership skills and soon everything went down. Shareholders of his companies rebelled against him and decided to manage firms or their own, George could never stop them, but his eldest son, Theodore did.  He killed the rebells viciously, mercilessly. This would have been an example to everyone who questioned Adlers’ authority. Even their families, children included were murdered. No one survived. At least, that’s what Theodore thought.  But two little kids from one rebelled family escaped the slaughter. They spent most of their lives away from Las Vegas, but months ago, they returned. They came back to avenge their parents’ death and destroy Theodore Adler, make him suffer just like they did.   They are hiding their true identity, living under the last name of Baldwin. Currently both are working for Theodore to find out more about his business. The siblings want to get other employees on their side, too.  Where will their loyalty lay? With Adlers or Baldwins?  Will what will happy when the siblings get what they want? Could things in Vegas turn bloody once more?  


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